Category of Rooms

There are different categories of accommodations available in Sanskar Hospital. Categorisation of rooms has been done keeping in mind the suitability of accommodation and affordability of hospitalisation to a wider cross section of the society. Following are the various categories of rooms available at Sanskar Hospital:-

Economy General Ward
Semi Private Sharing
Private Deluxe / Super Deluxe / Suites / Single Private

Category of rooms

100 Beded Hospital
15 Beded Operative (I.C.U., I.C.C.U.) unit
10 Beded N.I.C.U
2 Major Operation Theaters
1 Minor O.T.
1 Operation Theater with Laminar Air System
4 Beded Casualty
3 Post Operative Recovery Beds

4 Super Deluxe Rooms
7 Private Rooms
12 Semi Private Rooms
15 Beded Pediatric General ward
15 Beded Male General ward
15 Beded Female General ward
10 O.P.D. Chambers