15 Beded Male General Ward

This is primarily the caring relationship between a nurse and the person in their care.

The Nurse is the best friend of a patient and is expected to maintain that impression of courage, dignity and professionalism to enable Patients meet the hospital situations that involve pain, anxiety and physical dignity. At the hospital, we pride ourselves in having well trained nurses who providequality nursingcare in the various specialties of medical care including Pre and Post operativecare, maternity, critical care, dialysis, counseling, wound management and general nursing care.

With a bed capacity of 15, the hospital is capable of accommodating all types of patients.They include:

    General ward bed(which has a bed, locker, visitors chair and common TV Room),
    Private rooms (with wash basins and TV)
    En-suite rooms (which are self contained and fitted with TV).

The wards have 24 hour security guards and CCTV Surveillance to ensure the safety of our patients. Fire and smoke detectors have also been installed and escape routes clearly marked.

The Nursing administration together with the management of the hospital is making every effort to assure patientshave a comfortable stay and quick recovery in our facility. The hospital has completed an upgrade programme for all the hospital beds and bedside lockers to guaranteethis comfort.

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