Audio Mitri

At Sanskar Hospital  facilities, a diverse array of patients and medical professionals are onsite each day. Healthcare providers are particularly sensitive to the importance of a flexible and comfortable healing environment. That means ensuring that overhead pages intended for a physician in a particular department don’t disturb patients who are recovering in a different area of the building, and that important announcements reach the appropriate floors.

Biamp understands the intricacies of hospital and healthcare environments. We offer worldwide experience and scalable solutions for installations ranging from a communications system for a single operating room to an entire hospital audio system with comprehensive networked paging and distance conferencing.

For busy medical centers with multiple zones of networked paging, messaging, and background music, Vocia’s advanced overhead paging capabilities allow nurses and other medical professionals to direct pages to specific zones without disturbing patients in unaffected areas. To ensure that the paging system is always working, Vocia uses decentralized networks to eliminate any single point of potential system failure, and facility managers can receive automatic notifications if any element of the system goes offline.

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