Central Oxygen

Manifold services are very essential for the modern hospital like Sanskar Hospital,  The Hospital is providing high quality care to the patients of all age group as well as Emergency services round the clock to the seriously ill patients with highly specialized medical and surgical services.

Hence a large number of patients while they are on treatment at Sanskar Hospital, require oxygen in Operation theatres, Wards, Anaesthesia rooms and ICU wards etc. Many of those who undergo surgery while being given anesthesia, are also administered N2O. (Nitrous oxide gas)


Manifold services are necessary for every hospital. The services include providing medical gases like oxygen, nitrous oxide compressed air and suction through the centralized pipe line system to the wards, operation theatres and ICU etc. These gases are supplied from manifold plant, round the clock. In every shift, there is technician / plant operator to maintain proper and regular supply of above said gases.


Air compressor machines are available to provide compressed air supply to wards and operation theatres from each manifold plant as per location round the clock.


Vacuum pumps are available to provide suction facilities to the wards and operation theatres from plant, through central pipe line system round the clock.

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