The Ventilator Services Program at the Specialty Hospital provides comprehensive, compassionate care to patients who require mechanical ventilator support. Our goal is to help our patients transition away from the ventilator, breathe on their own again and regain their independence.

Patients with complex respiratory disorders receive care based on the latest data and practices, including a tailored ventilator weaning plan created just for them. In some cases, Levindale’s staff members have been successful in weaning patients from mechanical ventilation despite low expectations.

Our Team

The Specialty Hospital is staffed with respiratory therapists 24 hours a day. Our patients are also treated by a skilled team of staff physicians, pulmonologists and other health care professionals. The team meets regularly to address the following for each patient:Ventilator Services Program

    Respiratory and weaning status
    Pulmonary hygiene and suctioning
    Mobilization and rehabilitation
    Nutrition and medication needs
    Family education and participation
Our Patients

Our patients have respiratory failure caused by catastrophic illness, neurologic challenges or postsurgical complications. These conditions can make it impossible to breathe without the help of a ventilator.

Patients on ventilators often also have other medical comorbidities, such as renal failure requiring hemodialysis or complex wound care. Our attending physicians focus on weaning the patient from mechanical ventilation so he or she can regain an optimal level of independent function. If a patient cannot be weaned, he or she will be transferred to a unit appropriate to his or her level of care.

Our respiratory patients often have extensive medical conditions that require complex treatments. These include:

    Chest tubes

    Complex wound care
    Frequent blood transfusions
    Frequent labs or other diagnostic testing

    Immunosuppressive therapy
    LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device)
    Respiratory failure
    Obstructive airway diseases, such as COPD
    Obstructive sleep apnea
    Neuromuscular respiratory insufficiency syndrome
    Total parenteral nutrition

Personalized Treatment

Individual, comprehensive treatment plans are developed after our expert medical professionals assess the patient’s condition. These plans are constantly evolving. Our doctors make daily visits to review the effectiveness of the following therapies:

    Aerosol therapy
    Airway management >
    Arterial blood gases
    Chest physio therapy
    Fiber-optic laryngoscope
    Handheld nebulizer treatments
    Inspiratory muscle training
    Oral care

    Oxygen therapy
    Passy-Muir valve placement
    Rapid response
    Ventilator management

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